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Meet the Maker – Interview with Kate Chell

3 August 2017 / Tags: , , , , , , , , / No Comments

Meet the Maker – Kate Chell
I’ve learnt that from small acorns, large oak trees grow. You can start off with a dream and if you follow your dream and you follow your gut feeling and you follow your heart, you can achieve whatever you want. And okay my business is not massive, but it’s exactly how I want it.

Wedding season is upon us! Beautiful handmade gift ideas from Home of Handmade

30 June 2017 / Tags: , , , , , , , / No Comments

It’s that beautiful time of year again when the sun is shining and love is in the air! Every other weekend it seems you’re putting on your best outfit and heading excitedly off to another wedding – friends, family, colleagues from work… wedding season is wonderful, so full of new hope.

With weddings come presents, so what a great time to have lovely look through our gorgeous Home of Handmade gift ideas. From jewellery to accessories for the lucky couple’s home, we’ve got it all!

Appreciating kindness – and paying it forward

22 June 2017 / Tags: , , , , / No Comments

There’s no doubt about it, the news has been completely soul-destroying lately; a string of atrocities and disasters in our beautiful country. We’ve had so many one-minute silences we might wonder if one day we’ll run out of minutes… it would be easy to believe that times have changed and humans have changed; that we now live in a divided and dangerous world, and we should just resign ourselves to it. From a young age we’re taught to be kind – to our teachers, our friends, our families. It’s easy to be kind to the people we’re close to, but surely every person is a potential friend once you actually get to know them? Despite what we see in the media, maybe we’re really all the same?

Personal Touch – Bringing Personality into your Home

3 May 2017 / Tags: , , , , / No Comments

For so many of us our homes are our place of refuge where we are able to relax and feel at ease bringing with it a sense of joy. We try to put our own personal stamp on the walls which cocoon us to make it feel special, safe and unique. For us our homes should be an extension of our personalities, a way of expressing ourselves and a place where memories are created.

Check out our blog as we look at 3 ways to add your personality and character to your house making it feel truly like home.

The Seeds of Business

10 March 2017 / Tags: , , , , , , / 4 Comments

Let me introduce myself; My name is Alex, I’m 27, following my dreams and dancing along a winding road of setting up a boutique full of Love, Passion and Kindness. My motto throughout life is ‘if you stumble make it part of the dance’. Here I will share my honest journey and the insights in to THOH HQ.

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