Set Sail – Framed


Available to pre-order

70w x 3d x 22h (cm)


White washed frame



Set sail your curiosity. To discover new oceans.. Something fabulous is out there taking shape.. Emerging. Peeking.. Calling your name. Believe you can do anything. Fabulous folding out cards, made with an array of beautiful papers which are stained with Yorkshire tea and pressed with vintage printing blocks and letter types. If you’re looking for a sentimental gift, these have been hand framed in a washed white wood by a gentleman who makes frames for the Tate.

*These cards are prints or originals

This product is currently only available to pre-order. Delivery is expected within 4 weeks.
Set Sail – Framed
Meet the Maker

Life and Soul


Meet Anna and Lou, life-long best friends, two arty souls who have always found creativity in anything and everything. Their backgrounds are in teaching art and in interior design. One day over a nice cup of Yorkshire tea, an idea brewed, with a love for inspirational quotes, old vintage lettering and beautiful handmade art work, a creation was formed.