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Behind the scenes of Ruby Cubes

February 9, 2018
Behind the scenes of Ruby Cubes

All of Ruby Cubes items are handmade by the lovely Jess from her home studio in Devon. With inspiration taken from around the world and a love for our planet, Jess aims use natural and unbleached materials that reflect her eco-friendly ethos.

The brand’s two main collections are Function & Form homewares and Art & Sculpture.

In 2016, Jess discovered the endless possibilities that come hand in hand with sewing with cotton rope. Jess was mesmerised by the relationship between the thread, the rope & the tension needed to make all the different shapes, which can be very complex, When Jess make’s a new product that she has decided to become her main range, Jess has to produce it numerous times over, remembering the feeling of how she pulled the rope into the particular shape, before it is ingrained in her memory.. perfecting her ‘form’. Once Jess had mastered the art she curates the most beautiful range of handmade products, which include beautifully crafted hanging planters, bowls and baskets all using her finely tuned techniques.

You will be able to discover a whole host of chunky rope designs that incorporate different variations of colour, meaning you’re sure to find a truly unique piece for your home. Ruby Cubes also take bespoke orders, so you will be able to get your hands on your very own custom-made piece… just contact us for further enquires.

We love the look of the cotton rope planters paired with a leafy green! It not only brings the outdoors in, but it will also allow you to add beautiful natural focal point to a vast range of living spaces.

The beauty of these products and the materials used is that they will complement and enhance so many traditional and contemporary décors – adding a stylish and functional dimension to a diverse variety of living spaces.

For example, the baskets are a great for the kitchen to hold fruit/bread or they can be used throughout the home to store your favourite nick-nacs. One of the main advantages of this beautiful range is that it is highly versatile, functionally and wonderfully timeless.


The Art & Sculpture part of Ruby Cubes is a place for Jess to experiment and push herself as a creator. It’s a collection made up of pieces that have been made to test what is possible with the cotton rope and push her design skills and pieces even further. Ultimately, her goal is to provide high-quality, handmade products that inspire, captivate and instil a sense of creativity into the minds of every buyer.  This year Jess is really focussing on colour & experimenting with different themes in nature to create colour collections, so watch this space to see how that develops.

Jess also writes a blog which features many behind the scenes posts, updates and events she is taking part in such as pop up shops and markets – make sure you check it out!

We absolutely love the natural raw form of each of Ruby Cube’s pieces, the creativity involved in managing every stage of the production process and her conscious effort to be eco-friendly. It really makes this brand even more amazing.

A little pointer for all of the creatives reading;

We asked Jess What was her biggest learning points about running a handmade business?

Jess “Golly so many! I’ll choose three and try to keep them short:

Find a positive creative tribe – I can’t stress what a good idea this is. Surrounding myself with creative, adventurous women who like me, want to forge their own paths has been completely invaluable. We support each other (often on a daily basis) and being able to share in each other’s journey is such a great community to be in. It also makes it easy to stay real & focussed on the larger goal, which for me is to keep exploring ideas.
Don’t let the background noise drown out the lead singer – my lead singer is designing, creating & sharing work. Taxes, emails and admin are background noise – necessary but without the lead singer, pointless.
Knowing how to sift through ideas to find gems – When it comes to ideas I’m always full of them. Most of them are rubbish. A big learning curve was figuring out quickly what was gold and what was mould & turning those ideas into tangible, actually sellable products in a reasonable timeframe”

Until next time.

Big Love

Alex & Jess (Ruby Cubes)

Behind the scenes of Ruby Cubes
Written by Alex Fisher

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