5 ways to impress guests - Summer BBQ

5 ways to impress guests - Summer BBQ

Dress to impress 5 ways to dress your table to really impress your guests and give you a 5* hosting rating! The suns out – Call your friends, get a cold drink and put the BBQ on. We’ve had over a week of proper sun shine for 2018 – “wohoo, stay with us”!! I hear you shouting!   5 things needed for that summer BBQ – I’m assuming you already have the BBQ..  

Great big glasses

  Whether your favourite beverage is a G&T, Mojito or a cool glass of Sauvignon, it always tastes better out of a fish-bowl style glass – be careful though it’s hard to know how much your consuming, until it hits you then next day!  

Nibbles and dips

  Whilst waiting for the food to cook, it’s always great to nibble on olives, crisps, hummus, carrot sticks, and cucumber – Summers got us thinking about bikinis so we best stay a little bit healthy. Check out some of our favourite recipes from Jamie Oliver, if you fancy pushing the boat out and trying something new…  

Serving bowls and plates

  Once we’ve sorted the food and nibbles it is sometimes tricky to decide what to present them in. It’s always a good idea to have a beautiful range of condiment pots, serving bowls and platters in the cupboard for these hosting occasions. Plus, when the serving wear looks as good as ours, you won’t want to put them in the cupboard, you’ll want them on displayed and will use them for years. Additionally, if you throw a great garden party, you will get the ‘hosting fever’ and it will become a regular occasion! Check out our great range of condiment pots and platters to start your inspiration.  

Comfortable cushions, napkins and a table cloth.

  We all know that garden furniture comes out year after year. But it’s not the most comfortable to sit on for hours on end. Invest is some cushions that can be used inside and then when your throwing that garden party just bring them out and voilà your wooden chairs are suddenly comfortable! Napkins and table cloths also make that wooden table look a bit more fancy!  

An outside rug

  The men thing we’re mad, but an outside rug is a must! Bringing that cosy homely feeling outside. For many of us, the sun means flip flops or if you’re like me it means bare foot! A rug stops us worrying about pebbles and stones on our delicate feet. Also if you have too many guests sitting round the garden table, they can spread out on to floor – grab a few cushions and you don’t need to worry about the soft furnishing getting grass stains or damp.. Bonus – it also looks pretty!