How-to be a conscious shopper

How-to be a conscious shopper

Is buying Handmade important to you? Do you ever stop to think about what you’re buying? Who you’re giving your money to? Who you are supporting? In a world of forever changing trends and fast fashion, most people would answer no. However, being a conscious shopper can be so much more rewarding and fulfilling. By supporting small and independent handmade brands you can see the dedication and love that goes into their business and also the people you’re supporting.   Not only will you receive a more creative and unique product, you are supporting traditional production methods, creators and communities.  Large chain retailers may win on mass production and price points, but when we hear reports of unfair working conditions from some well-loved brands, it is a sad part of the business. Although this is not the case with all large chain retailers, there is a lot more transparency within small independent businesses.   We’re not saying to abandon large retailers completely, but rather think more about your purchases and shopping habits. If you have an idea in your head of something you would love but can’t find it anywhere, look to small handmade businesses as many offer bespoke services. So, how can you be more of a conscious shopper?

When buying a gift, look to small independent brands for something unique!

Whether it’s your friend’s birthday, the festive period or you just want to buy someone special a thoughtful gift, look to small businesses. You will find something unique and creative.  We support lots of lovely makers that produce lots of amazing handmade products that have been created with the upmost care and attention! You can view their work on our website:

Find creators and local businesses via social media

Follow accounts of creators and local business that you love. We work with some amazingly talented UK artisans and share their work daily via Instagram, providing a platform to a wide variety of independent businesses. Follow our journey on Instagram  

Want something you can’t find in big retailers? Find a small business who offer a bespoke service!

Maybe you want a particular shape, colour or customised style. Small independent businesses are accessible and only an email or phone call away to create your one-off piece! You can fill in the form on our website to request a bespoke item too. We will do our very best to help bring your idea to life. Shopping with small independent brands is fun, exciting and the service you receive is second to none. If you have any problems or want to get in contact with the business, you won’t need to jump through hoops to speak to a customer service centre like you would a large retailer. You may even get to speak to the owner! Small businesses are also more likely to create a ripple effect in their local communities as they tend to produce their products locally. Small independent brands within the UK are a huge part of community spirit. The Internet allows for a wider audience to find these talented makers and by putting your money into these small businesses it has benefits beyond your purchase. If you’re looking for jewellery, candles, cards & prints or homewares we have an amazing variety of independent brands to shop here at