Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

If you haven’t heard already, it’s plastic free July. We’re big on sustainable living at The Home of Hanmdade so I thought it would a great opportunity to show you what we have to make these little swaps easier. Prehaps you would like to join the challenge and make a few swaps this month too.


Beeswax wraps

These are ideal plastic free clingfilm alternatives. Perfect for wrapping food and keeping it fresh. All you need to do is wash them in luke warm water and washing up liquid and Reuse. They should last you up to a year. Shop Beeswax wraps here.

The bees wax refresher block

Once your bees wax wraps have lost their stick, use this refresher block to give your wraps a second lease of life. Follow these instructions for full instructions of how to do it. You will need some parchment paper, and iron and a teatowl your old wrps and the rersher block.


Natural refillable cleaning products

Our Clean living cleaning products are a dream, the best natural cleaning products (in my opinion) they come with the stainless steel bottle, a cleaning cloth and the refill packet. Once you have finished you can just buy the refils thereafter.

If you wanted to try just one, I would highliy recommend the Biological Multipurpose cleaner – it gets all your stainless steel shiny, with minimal effort. Howeveer if you did want o go for them all we also sell the complete cleaning kit. All Plastic free.


Shampoo Bar

Completely zero waste. This Wabi shampoo bar is possibly the best shampoo I have ever used. I feel it adds volume to my hair and last about 3 months. Tip is to keep it in the bag so it larthers up really well.


Use reusable make up pads or flannels

When removing your make up use reusable make up pads or flannels, once you’re done pop in the wash and they are good to go again. Here is the bamboo cloth we stock – it is ridiculously soft!


Choose products with plastic free packaging

These glass jar candles are lovley, once you have finished with the candle you can either recyle all the packaging or wash it out and use it for storing hair bobbles, clips or reusable make up pads.

Choose cards that have recyclable or compostable sleeves. Most cards not have recyclable packaging, but just double check on the back and they will tell you if they are biodegradable.


Face masks

If you are wearing a face mask, choose on you can wash. They are breathable, comfortable and look a whole lot better that the clinical blue disposable ones. I use one from Nadinoo clothing, they are perfect.


Swap to reusable nappies

I could do a whole blog post on reusable nappies – but they really are great even if you just have one or two to start off with until you get used to them and build up your supply.

Baba and boo brand is my favourite, I like the poppers and they fit well for Winnie, however each baby is different so find a brand that fits.


You can’t do everything at once but you can do a couple of swaps each month will start to make a big difference and once you get going you will just start doing it without thinking too much.

A lot of these swaps have an initial investment like the wraps and nappies, but they last longer and in the long term you will end up saving money…


That’s all from me, until next time