The art of reducing toxic chemicals in our home.

The art of reducing toxic chemicals in our home.

Many of us are becoming more and more conscious of the food we eat and what we are putting on our skin. Trying to reduce the amount of chemicals we inhale or absorb. However, how many of us are conscious about what we are using around the home? Wifi, scented candles and cleaning products increase our exposure to toxins and free radicals which we want to avoid as much as possible.

Here are 6 ways to help decrease theses and live in a more toxic free environment.

 Scrap the plastic

There are plenty of alternatives for covering your food in Clingfilm. Try swapping plastic containers for glass and when you get home from a food shop  take your fruit and veg out of the plastic packaging to breath and air. There are lots of alternatives on Amazon for kitchen staples to reduce the amount of plastic being used.

Essential oils

Essential oils offer a whole host of health benefits. There are many ways you can use these oils from making up diffusers, massaging into the skin or cooking with them. Each essential oil has its own healing properties; Lemon will help to cleanse and purify the air. Lavender is perfect to promote sleep and brings a scene of calmness and Peppermint is great for respiratory health and cleansing. DoTerra Essential oils are 100% Pure and offer great support to wellbeing. At The Home of Handmade HQ, we will be hosting an essential oils work shop on Thursday 30thAugust 7pm – 9pm for you to come along and learn more about the benefits Tickets are £10pp, there are limited spaces available so be sure to book on – contact me (Alex) here to secure your space. 

Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan lamps are pretty epic. These lamps are made from pure Himalayan rock salt crystals. It's all very scientific, however, when they are heated by the light they release negative ions. Negative ions help to neutralise positive ions which are given off by electronics such as laptops, TV’s and WIFI. This helps to purify the air. In addition, they give off a gentle glow, calming the nervous system and contribute to achieving that relaxing environment we all want when winding  down in the evenings.

Cleaning products

Many of our daily cleaning products contain nasty chemicals in that we want to try and reduce, although it is difficult to completely eradicate bad chemicals in our cleaning products, here are a couple of companies that avoid the real harmful chemicals at all times. Bonus Method also use recyclable packaging - win win. You can also make your own cleaning products from essential oils. Book onto our introductory class on 30th August to find out how.

 Room spays and Diffusers

Many mainstream room sprays and diffusers are full of synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances are not great for our health and can fill your rooms with nasty chemicals when burnt. Try to use diffusers and room sprays that are made from essential oils is one way to freshen up your living space whilst supporting your well-being at the same time. At The Home of Handmade, we only stock diffusers and candles that are made from essential oils.


Sage smudging is a common practice in holistic home detoxification. It helps with cleansing the air, removes bad odours by neutralising the scent and helps clear negative energy. Many people burn sage when moving into a new home for cleansing.