Wedding Season – The Ultimate Gift Guide.

Wedding Season – The Ultimate Gift Guide.

With Royal wedding this weekend and attending my first wedding of the season last weekend, it got me thinking about gifts. Sometimes finding the perfect gift is as tricky as finding the perfect outfit and fascinator! I have put together a wedding gift guide to help you throughout this busy season. In the old days it was tradition that the couple didn’t officially move in together until after they were married. It was common to have a gift list full of home wears and house essentials. However, in recent times many of us want to live together first before eventually tying the knot, resulting in already having many of the home essentials. The last few weddings I have been to seem to request their guests’ to kindly contribute towards honeymoons and experiences. Personally, I like to buy wedding gifts that can be kept and treasured, if you like to keep it a little bit more traditional here is the ultimate wedding gift guide to help send the happy couple off on their married journey.

Dinner sets and serving wear - The ultimate wedding gift guide

Many couples may have dinner sets already, however why not upgrade for something they can keep forever. How many times have you been to your parents or grandparents and tell them you like their serving wear, and they say they’ve had it years and got it for their wedding! I know I have many a time. click here to see our dinner sets.  

Chunky knit throw - The ultimate wedding gift guide

The chunky knit throws really are a statement piece, and probably something you would never buy yourself but always want. They look great in any room and keep you warm, which is a winner all round. If you have  a group of friends, you can all club together and get something a little more expensive. I  swear by the quality over quantity – Each throw is handmade to last and be loved. Here are our chunky throws, they are all handmade and can be knitted in pretty much any colour! (if your colour choice is not there contact us and let us know)

Personalised Jewellery - The ultimate wedding gift guide

We have some fantastic jewellery that is all handmade with so much love and passion. It would be lovely to give something a little more personal, perhaps a necklace with the couple’s new initials on or some cufflinks with that special date engraved. Handmade jewellery made with Love - A page of inspiration.

Art - The ultimate wedding gift guide

I always think Art holds memories and when it’s in that prize place on the wall you always look at it and remember when you got it or what for, it’s something that can be kept for years and passed on for generations – this would make the perfect wedding gift. Art is always the nice to have but not an essential and not necessarily something you buy yourself, but would really love something to put on the walls. . Check out these gorgeous pieces of art – Quite possibly some of my personal favourites on our website at the moment!   If you are getting married and fancy adding our products to your gift list, you can easily do it on The Wedding Shop - An easy to use gift list where you can put all your wanted gifts in one place for your guests to access - it doesn't have to just be home wares, you can combine honeymoons, products, experiences or charity contributions from any site in one place. It really is great!   Until next time. Enjoy the royal wedding! Big Love Alex xxx