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Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

February 2, 2018
Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Is Valentine’s day a made up commercialised day or do you use it as a good excuse to find child care for the evening, don on some heels and head out for a meal or trip to the cinema.

In my personal opinion I think you should celebrate your love throughout the year with monthly dates, (weekly if you’re lucky). However, with our busy time schedule’s it sometimes can be overlooked to spend quality time with loved ones. Valentine’s day is viewed by many as a day to spend time with those special people around you.

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I may personally not believe in Valentine’s day, however I would never say no to a thoughtful gift. A lovely card with a heartfelt note inside, my favourite bunch of tulips, or a pretty house plant that may last a bit longer than a week (possibly it will live until the following year and develop some sentimental value?!) or a fabulous smelly candle.

Ideally, I would love to walk into my home after a busy day at the office with my bath running, a glass of wine poured and the candles lit, then when I’m in the bath I would smell the aromas of a steak cooking? I will have to keep dreaming or hope Mr THOH will read my mind somehow (or this blog post)…Yep this lady doesn’t believe in Valentine’s day… she would like this monthly!? Hard work or high maintenance.. hmmmm?!

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Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Written by Alex Fisher

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