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Meet the Maker – Kate Chell

August 3, 2017
Meet the Maker – Kate Chell

We are so pleased to be interviewing one of our makers, Kate Chell. Kate is dedicated to creating handmade jewellery which is handmade to order and throwers her passion and personality into each unique piece. So lets dive in.

What made you want to start up a handmade jewellery company?

Well I started collecting sea glass from the beach in Norfolk where we have a house, and I decided I wanted to make some jewellery with it. So, I looked for a jewellery school, learnt to do silversmith and it turned itself into a business from there!

Do you like to work for yourself?

I’ve got two dogs, a husband who works every hour God sends, and a son at school, so I like to be able to work by business around my family and my home.

What are the highlights of being a jewellery maker?

I think one of the biggest things for me is I make stuff which is very personal, so I stamp a lot of messages on jewellery and people give it to each other. The reaction people tell me they get when they give my jewellery to people absolutely does it for me; I love the fact I get involved in peoples’ proposals, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries. That’s what makes it very special for me.

What inspires you?

Well we live in the countryside, so the birds, the quiet, the seasons inspire me and peoples’ emotions inspire me as well.

Is that what comes across in your jewellery, is that how its made?

My strapline for my jewellery is “Natural jewellery, made with love” so everything I make is made from the heart. Sometimes people come to me and ask me to make them something that they’ve seen and want me to copy, and I won’t do it, because it has to come from me; my jewellery has to come from my heart. My jewellery is an extension of my personality – people have even said they instantly recognise my jewellery because it’s so like me.

What do you find difficult about being a jewellery maker, or working for yourselfare there any difficulties that youve had to overcome?

I don’t have any difficulties making the jewellery itself. Sometimes the difficulty I have is when someone comes around to buy jewellery and they’re still there three hours later because we’ve just connected so I sometimes struggle to get things done because I just love having people round! I love discussing jewellery with them and it can be quite time consuming. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

What have you learnt along the way?

I’ve learnt that from small acorns, large oak trees grow. You can start off with a dream and if you follow your dream and you follow your gut feeling and you follow your heart, you can achieve whatever you want. And okay my business is not massive, but it’s exactly how I want it.

What part of your job makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?

love making individual pieces, so if I’ve got something unique to make for somebody, then it just inspires me to jump out of bed in the morning because I’ve got something exciting; I’ve got something that I know is going to affect somebody, I know somebody’s going to wear it forever and love it. And that’s what truly inspires me in the morning.


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Meet the Maker – Kate Chell
Written by Alex Fisher

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