Concrete Utility Bowl



Diameter: 15cm
Depth: 5cm



A “vide poche”, French for empty pockets. Simply a small bowl to be kept in a convenient location to empty your pockets into when you walk through the door.

Concrete Utility Bowl is good for storing everything from nuts and eggs to all the little things that have no home.
Made using a seamless mould for a sharp flawless casting.  It is treated with beeswax to give it a slight sheen and a soft touch, it also enhances the natural patination of the material too.

Made from cast concrete using granite aggregates from our local quarry in Leicestershire.

Please note, this has been treated with bees wax but it still porous and may stain if exposed to liquid or oil.
If you you would like a foodsafe sealant applied please email your request.
Not dish washer safe or oven proof.




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Concrete Utility Bowl
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