Laugh Love Forgive Bangle


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One size


Solid Silver



Welcome to the Make a Wish Collection.

Kate’s beautiful sterling silver flat bangle is hammered with a gorgeous mantra ‘Laugh hard.. Love truly.. Forgive quickly’.
A perfect gift for close friends and loved ones stamped with personal sayings, little poems and beautiful mantras. If you would like something unique and personal please do not hesitate to get in touch.

This product is currently only available to pre-order. Delivery is expected within 4 weeks.
Laugh Love Forgive Bangle
Meet the Maker

Kate Chell


Kate’s passion for jewellery was inspired whilst walking on the breathtaking beach at Holkham on the North Norfolk coast. Stumbling upon some pieces of sea glass, Kate fell in love with the simplicity of its texture and shape; she wondered about the romantic provenance of this beautiful natural treasure and felt compelled to capture the emotion. Her unique jewellery is an extension of her personality.