Pink & Grey Nerikomi Mug


Available to pre-order

Simple yet beautiful designs with pink and grey Nerikomi mug. This gorgeous mug is made to order is so aesthetically pleasing and great for everyday use. Wrap your hands around it and enjoy a nice warm cup of tea, or pop them on the shelf in the kitchen for a pop of colour and decoration.

The product you recieve may vary slightly from the image above, due to the making process the handle pattern is different every time.

Approx. 7.5cm Height x 9.5cm Base.

Grey Stoneware body with Pink & Grey Nerikomi Handle.

Mugs sold as singles – not a pair

Approx. 7.5cm Height x 9.5cm Base.

MUGS ARE MADE TO ORDER, Please allow 2-4 weeks.

This product is currently only available to pre-order. Delivery is expected within 4 weeks.
Pink & Grey Nerikomi Mug
Meet the Maker

GB Ceramics


Meet Georgia, the creator of GB Ceramics.

Georgia designs and makes functional tableware with the intention for the user to treat my products as their go to - "I like the idea of people becoming ergonomically attached to the items I make, something they invest in and really love and enjoy using in day to day life. 

"I have a modern take on the old Japanese technique of Nerikomi - pigments are mixed into wet clay, integrating the colour throughout, the coloured clays are layered and compressed to construct a solid block with a pattern running through the inside. The design is revealed when the block is sliced in a cross section. I attach the patterned clay as handles or spouts onto thrown bodies such as mugs, jugs etc. each slice I take from the block of nerikomi is slightly different making every piece individual".