Pom Pom Cushion



30 cm x 65 cm x 15 cm





Luscious grey pom pom oblong cushion and feather filled. This beauty has been handmade from 100% natural Marino wool, with a natural lining backing. As with any woollen products pilling may occur with heavy use. It can be easily removed and is not a defect. Spot clean and dry clean only.

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Pom Pom Cushion

The making of...

A bit about my work - I use 100% Merino Wool which has to be the greatest material ever. Colour is everything, whether it's fabulous brights or fine neutrals, each one is effervescent in its own way. I mainly make soft furnishings (particularly blankets) but like to branch out a bit too. Everything is hand knit on giant needles. I then hand process all the items to help with quality and lifespan.
Pom Pom Cushion
Pom Pom Cushion
Meet the Maker

Lauren Aston


Lauren Aston is a fabulous Knitter; she spends her days knitting from her studio in Devon using 100% merino wool and giant needles. Colour and quality are everything in Lauren’s products. Lauren loves to drink tea, eats way too much junk food and is besotted with her Cockapoo, Harry.