Tilted Icosahedron Pot – white



Measures 8.5 cm wide and 7.5 cm high





Little handmade geometric Porcelain Pot. This little pot sits tilted and is great for salt and pepper or a little air plant. These would make a lovely gift or addition to the kitchen table.

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Tilted Icosahedron Pot – white
Meet the Maker

Jack Laverick


Jack is a 24 year old ceramic designer and maker. He’s also a geometric genius. He first started out making porcelain buttons and as his interest in ceramics grew. He went on to develop his skills studying modelling and mould making. He started to make mould casts using the most translucent quality porcelain for lights to develop candle holders, lighting and planters. More recently, his love for geometric forms has started to become a larger part of his work.