White textured Jug



approx 9cm Height


Beautifully simple yet a statement in its own right. This Jug is faceted detail giving texture and a focal point for the eye.

Looks great on any shelf with a small posy of dried flowers or a couple of stems of fresh flowers. these little vases are a great way of splitting a bunch of flowers and dotting them around the house. or perfect for the use it was made for and pop it on the table with cream, milk or gravy.

Beautiful faceted detail, giving it texture and personailty.

Handmade in Cornwall by Laura Lane. Due to their handmade nature colour and size may vary slightly.



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White textured Jug
Meet the Maker

Laura Lane Ceramics


Having completed both a BA & MA in Design at Plymouth University, Laura specialised as a Designer &Maker, working in ceramics. At the heart of her work is the exploration of site specific folklore in Cornwall, where she lives. This is expressed through choice of materials, pattern & illustration. Folklore is about the everyday and being reachable.