Ex-Display Yarnscombe Throw – Grey

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150 cm x 90 cm





This is a fabulous bargain! Ex display blanket – never been used, however has been on the shop floor so it  is not completely perfect – but it’s pretty close!

Chunky Knit blankets add texture and warmth to your room keeping you as snug as a bug in a rug!

It’s hand knitted on giant needles in neutral grey merino wool and would make a beautiful statement piece in any room. These fabulous blankets would keep you cosy and warm and feel soft and gentle on the skin. The process of making these blankets is a labour of love.

Each throw is handmade from 100% hypo-allergenic natural wool.

This is a decorative piece made from un-spun wool that has been hand finished to maintain its high quality and softness in the fabric. As with any woollen products pulling may occur with heavy use.

It can be easily removed and is not a defect.

Spot clean and dry clean only.

This Product is Out of Stock
Ex-Display Yarnscombe Throw – Grey

The making of...

A bit about my work - I use 100% Merino Wool which has to be the greatest material ever. Colour is everything, whether it's fabulous brights or fine neutrals, each one is effervescent in its own way. I mainly make soft furnishings (particularly blankets) but like to branch out a bit too. Everything is hand knit on giant needles. I then hand process all the items to help with quality and lifespan.
Ex-Display Yarnscombe Throw – Grey
Ex-Display Yarnscombe Throw – Grey
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