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Getting Creative in the School Holidays

July 20, 2017
Getting Creative in the School Holidays

With the school summer holidays now in full swing, children are looking forward to some time away from school to play and relax. We all remember the feeling of a full summer break in front of you and how brilliant it was! This blog is full of ideas of how to get creative with your children.

But after a few weeks, as any parent will know, boredom can set in and keeping little ones busy isn’t always easy. The problem is, whilst having your children at home is lovely (usually!), it doesn’t come cheap. Entrance fees and general entertainment costs really do mount up. Picnics and beautiful walks in the countryside or at the beach are a true family favourite, but British summer weather is of course unreliable at best, so at some point you can guarantee it will be pouring!

The good news is that with a tiny bit of planning and a good dollop of inspiration, there are lots of fun creative things you can do with your family this summer. And what better than messy play?!

Getting mucky and having a good time is what childhood is all about so how about getting creative with some clay pottery making? Modelling clay is easy and cheap to get hold of and can be bought from toy and craft shops up and down the country. When you get home, make sure anything valuable is put away – we suggest doing it in the kitchen and don’t forget to wear old clothes!

Clay modelling is great fun and you can make anything you like! From pretty ornaments and sculptures to practical gifts like egg cups and pen pots – maybe even something for grandparents! Once the clay is dry, lots of kits also include some paint so they can really make their creation personal and special.

If glue and decorations are more the order of the day, why not make a collage together? Shells from the beach, clean bottle tops, cotton wool balls, streamers… anything which is colourful and decorative can be glued onto a piece of A4 cardboard. Leave a space in the middle big enough for a favourite photo and that could be glued on too to make a unique little photo frame!

All this hard work means rumbling tummies and of course another well-loved family tradition is baking. Many recipes are very basic and only need a few ingredients which you may already have in your cupboard so don’t worry if you’re no Mary Berry!

There’s nothing more personal than baking for someone you love and it’s a lovely way for you and your children to create something delicious together. Cupcakes are ideal for taking to end of term parties or giving as gifts (after you’ve sampled some yourselves of course!). If you’re stuck for ideas or haven’t made cupcakes before, there are some great recipe ideas on the BBC Good Food website.

Once the cupcakes are cold, you can have fun decorating them together. You can make swirly buttercream icing, or just drizzle over a mixture of icing sugar and water. Then add anything from edible paper butterflies to sprinkles to chocolate chips…


Getting Creative in the School Holidays
Written by Alex Fisher

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