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The art of a styling shelves.

June 28, 2018
The art of a styling shelves.

Shelving looks great in the kitchen and bathroom instead of cupboards and create a more open and spacious look in small areas. Really you could add a shelf anywhere around the house from the hallway – bedroom or even outside in the garden.


Shelves are also a great way to make a focal point in a room, adding depth to the wall space. It’s an alternative design to introduce subtle textures throughout the home. In B&Q they have gorgeous wooden planks with the raw bark edging, or you can pick up lovely marble shelves in various colours to give a clean, modern look.


So how to create a great shelfie..


  1. Think about the brackets you choose. You could decide that you would like the brackets to be a feature of your shelves and choose elaborate designs in brass or iron or go simple and classic. This decision will automatically change the whole look of a shelf.


  1. Plants and flowers – Adding greenery to the shelves adds colours and textures. There are some great plant pots and vases that really highlight your greenery and make a statement piece. Our Jack Laverick geometric pots are all handmade and would look great perched on the end, or a hanging diamond planter hooked on the edge.


  1. Glass jars are a great alternative to store our food to keep it fresh and look pretty. You can store anything from rice and pasta to tea bags and cookies. I always think having food out and on show gives of a very welcoming and homely feeling too!



  1. Photo frames and quotes. quotes propped up in A4 frames are a lovely way to style a shelf instead of putting them in the wall. Also shelves full of framed Photos and memories. I know we have Facebook and Instagram, but special memories deserve prize place on display for everyone to see and for us to look at on a daily basis.


  1. Books – The kindles, ipads and audio books are very popular, but there is something pretty tranquil and homely about seeing books stacked on shelves, whether that be cook books, Antique books or holiday reads with the edges all folded, the more used the better if you ask me. With books it also looks great having some lying down and some stacked up making it a little more visual.
The art of a styling shelves.
Written by Alex Fisher

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