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Upcycling Vs Recycling: What’s the difference?

October 1, 2017
Upcycling Vs Recycling: What’s the difference?

The concept of recycling has now been around for many years and people are thankfully more and more aware of it, however upcycling is a fairly recent idea and not everyone may have heard of it. Here at the Home of Handmade, we care deeply about the environment and the effect our actions have on it, particularly when it comes to throwing things away, many of the handmade products we sell use recycled materials to produce beautiful products.


What’s the difference?


Basically, when something is recycled it is broken down or destroyed and the components are used again. A recycled item can go through this process many times. For example, plastic can be melted down over and over again and made into all sorts of things over a period of years. Our Handmade candles by Wax and Wick used recycled wine bottles produced by many local pubs. See our collection here


When you upcycle something, you very often only do it once, and you don’t change its form, you just enhance what is already there. An old chipped coffee table with peeling paint could be sanded down, repainted and used as a television stand for instance, which is much more attractive and useful. The beauty of it is that not only are you saving something which would otherwise simply be discarded as waste, you can be proud of the fact your love and effort have gone into it and it’s completely unique.

After all, how many times have you looked at an old piece of furniture or some other discarded item and thought what a shame it is to throw it away. Perhaps it’s broken or just not needed any more, but by getting creative and upcycling it, we can be proud to do our bit for our home and for the environment.

We get really excited about upcycling and are proud to show off the work of our talented makers. In fact, there are many amazing upcycled items available in our online shop, so why not have a look around?

For example, there’s our seriously cute coat hooks. To hang your coats, dog leads – or even car keys! This lovingly handmade coat rack means everything can be left in one place, so leaving the house can be made that little bit easier. So, go on, have a look at our reclaimed wooden coat rack now and make him a proud part of your kitchen this summer!

Talking of the kitchen, why not match it up with our stunning dark reclaimed hardwood wine rack. Just like our coat rack it’s been crafted from reclaimed wood by Jason in his workshop in Leicestershire. The wood has been carved into a lovely shelf which helpfully holds six wine glasses, so it’s very practical and a great talking point!

If browsing our shop has given you some upcycling ideas of your own then why not give it a go yourself? If you don’t feel confident to do anything big then just start small – we bet if you look around your home and garden you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

Upcycling Vs Recycling: What’s the difference?
Written by Alex Fisher

My name is Alex, I’m 27, following my dreams and dancing along a winding road of setting up a boutique full of Love, Passion and Kindness.

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