6 great gift ideas for your teacher

6 great gift ideas for your teacher

With the end of the school year fast approaching, our little ones are saying goodbye to old teachers and preparing for the summer holidays. Teachers are pretty special sharing their knowledge, preparing our children for the next school year, teaching them life skills and creating memories, giving a little gift is only a small gesture to say a huge THANK YOU for being part of your child’s development and journey. However, the dilemma is what do you buy as a gift for a teacher? You may have to buy several teachers gifts and don’t have a massive budget. Perhaps you don’t fancy giving flowers, just in case they don’t have enough vases for the flowers they will receive from all the other children. Possibly you want to give a keepsake. Gifts don’t have to be extravagant they can be a lovely gesture.

Here are our top gifts for your teachers.

  1. Tin candle.

These smell insane, they are all handmade in small batches and are only £6.50. They burn for 20 hours and are made with essential oils – each essential oil has properties to help with moods and well-being, perhaps for end of term your teacher may need time to relax or rebalance, these candles will do just the job.

  1. Stone coasters
I don’t know about your teachers, but mine always loved to drink tea and coffee, these lovely coasters are perfect for protecting the furniture from mug stains and look lovely as an individual gift. They are also perfect to pop a candle on so the heat doesn’t burn through the metal tin.  
  1. A plant

A house plant is always my go-to gift. A bit of greenery adds colour and texture to a room and lasts longer than flowers, we have a lovely range of plant pots here for that extra special teacher.  

  1. Make a gift set
Sometimes it’s nice to go the extra mile and put together a little gift box with a tea bag, some chocolate and a face mask, you can buy packs of each item so if you have several teachers to buy for this is a great option.
  1. New set of pens
You know it’s not just kids that love new stationary. Adults do too! You could set your teacher off for their new term with a personalised pen.
  1. A vase
Teachers always get an abundance of flowers at the end of their term, so why not help them out and increase their vase collection to help them display all their other thoughtful gifts.   That’s all from me for now, enjoy the Summer holidays!   Much Love,   Alex X