Environment & Sustainability


Homeware and gifting that doesn’t cost the Earth.

We champion Conscious Living by providing homeware and gifting that doesn’t cost the Earth. Every one of our products we stock is carefully selected to ensure they are the highest quality, have minimal impact on our beautiful planet and will last to be loved and cherished.

We encourage our customers to slow things down and enjoy the process of selecting the ideal piece of homeware, or the ideal gift. We want to remove the pressure of buying something for the sake of it, and we believe by doing this we can all begin to shop more responsibly and resourcefully. We all love to treat ourselves and loved ones, but this shouldn’t compromise our environment or quality. Sustainability is about buying greener, but also buying products that stand the test of time. By buying less, but better, means you are already on the road to a more sustainable way of shopping.

A carefully curated and mindful supply chain.

One of the key criteria we look for from a maker is that they share our ethos on sustainability and where possible, are equally enthused to reduce their products’ carbon footprint, waste and use of single use plastics. With the majority of our makers based primarily in the UK we easily reduce the need to haul materials around the globe by air or sea. Most of our makers also specialize in creating products in small batches from natural ingredients ensuring any waste is minimal and natural.

Plastic Free shopping

We don’t just talk about reducing our use of plastic, we are certified as a Plastic Free retailer by Surfers Against Sewage with everything from our displays, products and packaging all being plastic free. However, we know we can do more and our next aim is to become a zero-waste retailer.

Our Range

Across our range we provide a variety of ways to shop more sustainably…Need Alex to go through the best product examples i.e. refills, bees wax wraps, natural cleaning products, books you plant and grow…

We work hard to provide our customers with beautiful products, but also provide them with a selection of plastic free swaps and alternatives. We want products to feel sophisticated and luxurious whilst still helping our environment.

We have beautiful fabrics made into reusable sponges, which are also biodegradable once they have been well used. Reusable cotton pads. Bees wax wraps – a cling film alternative. Natural cleaning products and Natural candles and bath and beauty products which are free from palm oil and have no parabens in. We also offer a beautiful range of textiles that look and feel like wool and linen but are made from plastic bottles. Books you can plant and grow into vegetables and greeting cards that will grow into wild flowers

We are always looking for initiative ideas that are beautiful but are kind to our world.



90% of the packaging we send our online orders out in utilise re-used packaging, with all of our bags and tissue paper made out of recycled paper that can be recycled again or reused.


By choosing Shopify as the platform to host our website we belong to a carbon-neutral platform that is committed to removing carbon from the atmosphere and ultimately operating as carbon-neutral organisation.