Gifts: Are You a Gift Giver? 5 top gifts to receive.

Gifts: Are You a Gift Giver? 5 top gifts to receive.

Are you a gift giver? Finding a gift that’s truly unique, carefully curated and can’t be found anywhere else gives us a buzz and we get excited about giving a thoughtful present. We give gifts for special occasions such as Birthdays presents, Wedding gifts or Christmas, christenings, new homes, new mums, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. The list goes on. But gift giver’s do not need much of an excuse to turn up to friends or family with a little something in their hands.  

Here are 5 of our top gifts to receive.

  1. Candles

There is something about a candle. It brings calm, tranquilly and peace whenever it is lit. That little flash of warm light that burns in the corner of the room and the essence it gives off.  The Home of Handmade sell candles that are hand poured from soy wax and essential oils to ensure no nasty chemicals are given off when they burn, their scent lasts and fills the whole room with deliciousness. Head over to our Candle Shop to check them out.

  1. A Good Book.

It is easy to download books onto kindles, laptops or listen to them on audio, but there is something so satisfying about flicking though a hardback, smelling the paper and physically seeing how many pages you read in one sitting (am I the only one)?!  A good book is treasured and sits on a shelf or coffee table for years, it makes the home-space look peaceful and Pinterest worthy!

  1. A new mug

A good cup of English breakfast tea is a British faviourite, although the flat white is becoming a new competitor. A mug makes a perfect simple gift, however to take it one step further, how about creating a gorgeous gift box? Fill it with cake or chocolate, a box of teas and the perfect magazine et voilà you have a collection of her favourite things carefully and thoughtfully put together! Pop over to our Shop to find the perfect mug and get inspired.

  1. House Plants

A plant is a great alternative to a bunch of flowers. The bonus is they last longer than flowers too, especially when  watered and looked after. Some plants are slightly trickier than other to keep alive. However, there are  great fake plants available that look so real.  Try teaming a lovely plant with the perfect pot to finish the look - it’s ready to sit in prize position in the home. See our collection of handmade plant pots, carefully made by artisans from across the UK.

  1. Body Lotions and bath salts

We all love a little pamper now and then. As the media keeps pointing out self-care is really important for our mental health. However, finding the time in our busy lifestyles is a challenge in itself. Although, with a beautiful gift of thoughtful bath salts and body lotions, it is just the excuse needed to take some time out  from family life to indulge and have a little pamper. These are a few of our personal favourites; Cowshed, Meraki and Neal's Yard - All natural and organic ingredients so no nasties on your skin.

Leave a comment below to tell us your gift ideas and what you like to receive? I’m always on the lookout for new gift inspirations.   Big Hugs, Alex xxx