How can I modernise a cottage?

How can I modernise a cottage?

Cottage - when we think of the word ‘cottage’, an old-fashioned building comes to mind. Something with a thatched roof, a farmhouse feel, and in a rural location. But the term ‘cottage’ actually just means a small house. These compact and small homes are found all over the country and many are packed with original and interesting features. Typically, cottages have lower ceilings, smaller windows, wooden beams, and compact spaces.

So how can you modernise a cottage without losing its character?

Work with the character

A cottage’s character is what makes it an interesting and unique space, so to modernise the original features in no way means getting rid of them altogether! Integrating stunning, original features with contemporary style will make a truly beautiful space. Wooden beams are commonly found within cottages. Usually very dark in colour, they create a stand out feature in any space. However, if you find dark beams are making the room feel smaller or dark, why not lighten them up a bit? Painting them white to blend with the ceiling or even a muted shade will make a huge difference and really lift the room. Exposed stone walls are also a commonly found in traditional cottages. Rather than covering them up, use them to your advantage! Contemporary furniture and accessories pair beautifully with exposed walls to modernise a rustic atmosphere.  

Neutral walls and bold accessories

To open up the rooms and make them fell higher and more spacious, neutral colours are the best option. You can then show your personality through accessories and the styling of the room. A splash of colour here and there mixed with angular lines and loud patterns will instantly modernise the feel of a cottage. Don’t be afraid to go bold with curtains, light fittings and soft furnishings!

Contemporary touches in the kitchen

Many cottages have traditional shaker style kitchens with cup handles and open shelving. This style is still popular today, with many people are trying to achieve this trend in their modern homes. Use natural storage accessories to keep in line with the traditional theme that is still highly sought after today. Your kitchen will naturally be modernised with appliances and you can always introduce subway tiles to add a fresh, contemporary element.  

Clean shapes and natural materials

Angular, square lines will really modernise a cottage. Use bold, staple furniture pieces to set the theme of the room and then soften the feel using natural materials. Mixing the traditional with the contemporary, this contrast works perfectly in any cottage. Bold furniture such as glass topped tables or stand out mirrors can make the room feel bigger whilst also updating the space. Pair this with hand-knit cushions or throws to achieve a stunning balance in a traditionally built home. The character and originality of a cottage should be celebrated and appreciated. It’s all about balancing textures and using materials and colours that brighten the space to equally showcase the classic features against the contemporary. We have a range of stunning handmade accessories that would work perfectly in a cottage. Take a look at our house and home section for some inspiration!   Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts that modernise their cottages beautifully! Hobbit Cottage - Amanda transforms a tiny little cottage into a beautiful homely sanctuary. Carrie and the Cottage - Fabulously calm and tranquil, yet light and Airy, but still keeping a cottage style and the gorgeous original character. Cara Suthers - Cara introduces dark walls and some modern furniture into her cottage and tastefully decorates the original feature to make them a focal point in her home. Be sure to check these ladies out, their true cottage eye candy!! Until next time, Alex xxx