Live Consciously – Changes since lockdown

Live Consciously – Changes since lockdown

As lockdown is starting to feel like it is coming to an end and we are slowly reintroducing ourselves to a new normal and back into society, I can’t help but to reflect on lockdown and all the pros and cons that came with it.

Moving forward my aim is to keep hold of everything I loved about lockdown and let go of anything I didn’t miss. Chatting about this subject with customers in the shop has highlighted a large majority of you feel the same.

The general consensus seems to be that everyone enjoys slowing down a little. Some have left jobs they were not particularly happy in, or have taken pay cuts to work less hours so they can spend more time at home. Focusing on creating time for self-care, more quality time with family and living with less but the feeling of actually having more.

We have been forced to slow down and stop. With that I think we have had the opportunity re-evaluate what is important and what we may have taken for granted before.

More people seem to be shopping small and helping their independents and local butchers. We have enjoyed eating in with take away’s from the local cafes and home dining experiences and bringing the pub lunch home. In addition, spending more time outside in nature, regardless of weather. Many have picked up their running shoes or gone all green fingered in the garden. finding so much enjoyment in the simple things.

Furthermore mother nature has had time to heal herself, with the sea being clearer, ozone leyers repairing and wildlife booming.

So I guess with all the craziness, there has been a lot of goodness. Yes – obviously there has been a lot of rubbish too for many. I am sure everyone has found it a rollercoaster ride for our emotions, some more than others. However, when we really think about it there has been a lot of good too. personally,  I like to focus on the good otherwise if you think too deep it starts getting too scary.

For me, I have decided to only open the shop Thursday – Saturday. Hopefully this will enable me to create a lifestyle balance, spending more time with Winnie and watching her grow. I have found this time during lockdown so precious and I want it to continue.

I have also been supporting my locals. These are a few of my favourites  who I will continue to support.

Fresh veg Lady

(that’s not his name). I have swapped going to the super market and get a fresh veg box delivered to the house every Thursday.

Fresh Fish Van

Our village has a fish van that comes every Monday at 5.30pm. I have started getting all our fish from there.

The Cafe Next Door

weekends are for treats and coffee defiantly taste better when it is made properly.  We will defiantly be continuing our Saturday treats – they do do the BEST afternoon tea too!

The Pear Tree

These guys have smashed lockdown! They did NHS cook alongs where all profits go to the NHS and you got your ingredient for a Zoom cook along. Also their take away pizza is incredible!

The Curzon

They did a home dinning experience and It was such a treat. It really did feel like we had a in-house chef cooking the best meals ever.

What will you keep hold of and have your priorities changed?