Our Isolation Essentials

Our Isolation Essentials

I hope you are all getting along in Isolation OK, we have put together our essential guide. Are you cleaning obsessed and the house is the shiniest it has ever been. Going all green fingered and really getting into your gardening grove. Perhaps simply finding ways to relax and keep calm in this crazy world we have wound up in? We have put together some of our top items to get you through. These would make the most perfect gifts too, for anyone who's celebrating a birthday in quarantine.  

Cleaning Obsessed

Just before lockdown we launched a new brand in the shop called Clean Living. I have been using these cleaning products for a while now and I must admit I am blown away by them! I have trialed and tested quite a few natural cleaning products in a bid to remove toxins from the home but non have really left me satisfied and making me feel like the house was 'clean' enough. However these make the task enjoyable and easy. The Glass cleaner for example leaves absolulty no smears on your windows and mirrors and the multipurpose cleaner leaves all your stainless steal gleaming with very minimal effort. Clean Living has all natural ingredients, each starter pack comes with a cloth a reusable stainless steal bottle and a sachet of the cleaning product, there after you just need to purchase the refill sachets. I promise you, you won't look back once you have tried these goods. We also have the complete cleaning kit, this is packed with all the cleaning kit you will ever need!  

Going all green fingered

We are so lucky that whilst we are in isolation the weather has been absolutely beautiful. This means we can all go out and enjoy our gardens, open the windows and doors and let some fresh air flow through our houses. It also means buying garden plants online is almost impossible, I'm on a 10 week delivery wait for some lavender bushes! We have got just the thing. Our grow bars make a lovely gift or something for you and your children to do together. simply water and watch grow. If you haven't got a garden don't worry - these are perfect to grow on your windowsill. I have just sent a load of the gin bars to London to a group of friends that have made it a isolation competition on who can grow the best garishes. They will be ready for their gin party once we are all let out of isolation!  

Relax and pamper

Some of us feel busier than ever home schooling and still trying to work as normal all stuck under one roof and others are trying to fill time now they are not able to work. Whatever your situation the whole thing is quite scary if we think too deep. For me, I find it easier to switch off the news and take it day by day and week by week. The best way to calm the mind and quite the brain is to have some time doing what we enjoy and having a little self care. These face steams are incredible, simply add hot water in a bowl with one of the cubes and put your face in over the steam and a towel over your head. Followed by one of these face masks you will feel like a new person. The bath tea is amazing too - it makes your bathroom smell like a spa and they have little bags in the top so you don't get bits all over that freshly cleaned bath!  

Positive affirmation bangles

Never Alone - these bangles have been created by the wonderful Faye from Stuff made from Things. They are to remind you we are not alone. We are all living through Covid19 and we are all in Isolation missing our friends and family. The best thing about this bangle is that 50% goes straight to the NHS fundraising charities. This is such a lovely gift whist also contributing to the greater good.