Personal Touch

Personal Touch

For so many of us, our homes are our place of refuge where we are able to relax and feel at ease, bringing with it a sense of joy. We try to put our own personal stamp on the walls which cocoon us to make it feel special, safe and unique. For us our homes should be an extension of our personalities, a way of expressing ourselves and a place where memories are created. Check out our blog as we look at three ways to add your personality and character to your house, making it feel truly like home:

Nesting and collecting

Nesting is where we take time over our home, pondering where we will put that new piece of Emma Bridgewater. The consistent faff and movement of furniture and ornaments becomes almost hobby-like as we chop and change the arrangement of rooms until it’s just right. To create character in your home that reflects your identity and personality don’t be afraid to move away from mass produced products and the latest trends. A great way to really assert your personality is by using “treasures” that are collected from hand-me-downs, which have been passed from generations and collected over time. Many of us spend hours flicking through catalogues and saving for beautiful pieces, yet sometimes you only have to look in a box in your attic to find that special something that will have been collected and cherished along the years, bringing with it memories and stories shared with your parents, children and grandchildren.

Personality is transmitted through handmade

For us, buying handmade and accessorising our homes with unique one-off pieces is a fantastic way to differentiate your home. We feel the enthusiasm and the joy of the craftsmanship which is put into creating each piece. Whether it is a cushion to layer the bed, or a beautiful wooden piece, handmade products offer an unrivalled versatility and uniqueness. If you’re in the market for a room-defining piece that tastefully expresses your own style, look no further than local handmade craft fairs, or right here on our site (but then again, we are a little biased).

Reflect your passion, hobbies, values and desires though your decor 

Unbeknownst to many people who purchase handmade, you are quite likely to share the passion, style and values from the maker’s world. When speaking with our makers, it becomes quite clear that beautiful craftsmanship is inspired from other areas of their life and their enjoyment of daily routine, which they represent through their talent in forms of sea-glass, driftwood and farmyard print fabrics to name a few. Get to know your local craftspeople and often they will be willing to create bespoke pieces that offer unrivalled quality and value for money. We love to see how you transform your houses into homes, so head over to our social pages and share what you do to give your home that special feeling.

Until next time keep smiling, Alex