Trying to contribute to a sustainable world

Trying to contribute to a sustainable world

Ding Ding the Beast from The East returns this weekend for round two (In spring)! Whether it is global warming related I couldn’t tell you… However I did think now was a good a time as any to share with you what we’re doing at The Home of Handmade HQ to reduce our impact on the environment and being as sustainable as possible.

1. Creating beautiful handmade products from sustainable and recycled materials.

A lot of our products are produced from recycled materials, helping towards our sustainable environment! Take our gorgeous Wax and Wick Candles; all the glass jars are found from local London pubs and cut down to make a beautiful holder.

Absolutely all the candles we stock are hand poured from soy wax and essential oils, meaning they contain no nasty chemicals, or animal bi-products and therefore totally vegan – not bad we reckon!

Our beautiful rope planters and macramé hangers are all handmade from natural recycled rope, and Ruby Cube’s baskets are all made from natural unbleached rope – no nasty chemicals going into the environment here! Whilst these products, are sometimes a little more expensive than what you can find in highstreets stores, we think they’re worth every penny. Not only are they better for the wider environment, they’re better for your very own little habitat, home.    

2. Source products from the UK

All our products are carefully curated by UK artisans. Our makers share our ethos in trying to contribute more to a sustainable world by buying the majority of their materials from UK suppliers. This keeps our carbon footprint lower, and the air we’re all breathing a little fresher. As well as keeping the air a little cleaner, we also take delight in knowing that we’re supporting the UK economy and fair trade, which we think is great for the soul.  

3. Recycle packaging.

All our packaging is recycled. I think I have to class myself as a bit of a packaging hoarder! (OOPP’S) Every time a delivery comes through, whether it’s a supplier, an amazon order, clothing order, you name it, I sift through it and put it in relevant boxes ready to repack your parcels.   Putting out the recycling is now very much part of modern life. However, I think for the majority of us we can all do a little bit more to have a further positive impact on our wonderful world! Whether, it’s eating a little less meat, buying organic produce, or using a greener mode of transport. We can all begin to start making more of a difference, whilst governments still scratch their heads. If you have any further tips on how we can continue to improving our environmental focus and help us be more sustainable, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let’s get great together, every little really does help! Big Love. Alex Xxx